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Is that April around the corner?

First weekend in April I'm heading on a day trip to a conference type thing and then coming back and teaching Sunday school. Later in the month I have another conference which is a bit further away and a bit longer of a trip.

Shortly after returning from that conference the puppet team is going to be figuring out where to place our newest puppeteer for her first show. One of the few shows I won't be performing in due to prior work commitments and a simultaneous Rock event. That weekend will be bonkers, but I'll be happy at the end of it all.

Summer is also slipping into position, even if it doesn't feel much like it right now (Thanks late season snow).

Hugs and much love to everyone.

Post of Livingness

I swear I'm still alive. The past few weeks have been crazy busy with either work, travelling for conference, or some combination of the two. I am really looking forward to the weekend which I'll hopefully have off. Maybe. If there isn't more snow.

I have inventory at 6 so I really am going to sleep.

Happy Birthday to me

Originally the plan for the week had been:
1. Holiday Meeting Sunday, Sunday School class in the morning.
2. Work Monday Night
3. Meeting for Metro and then Christmas Rehearsal Tuesday
4. Wednesday, day off
5. Thursday working midshift
6. Friday, day off
7. Saturday, Parade and Nativity set-up.

Of that Schedule, the first four days changed.
I now have the holiday Meeting Tuesday Night; because of horrible weather last night. Wednesday I picked up an extra shift. And I'm still not sure what else is going to crop up.

Although the Sunday school kids singing was adorable.

Thoughts on May

Yes I'm fully aware that it is only April. However, I received a text from my head boss wanting to know if I was interested into going on Thursday to help set up for Rock on the Range. My first thought was, am I to drive up there separately because if so, no. On second thought, maybe and have little bro hang out around the area or something. Pay him in food stuffs. I'm not interested in destroying the Beast (my sweet mostly reliable Grand Marquis) going to Columbus on a day trip... again.

So I and the head boss will head up in his Brownsmobile and do lots of fun stuff from 9 a.m. to about 6 or 7 p.m. It will probably be the only experience I have at RotR, but that's okay, because I'm selective in what sort of music I enjoy listening to... and by selective I mean random.

I'm all excited for the experience of a good day in Columbus.

Heee Christmas Goodies

I somehow landed on the nice listCollapse )

All in all, Christmas was pretty nice. How did it go for everyone else?

having a fun weekend

I wasn't feeling well, however a three hour nap actually did some immense good. I woke up hungry, washing my hair finally helped improved my mood. I went shopping and bought two items and got two free at Bath and Body works (there was a special mix and match thing going on, and I had coupon which was stackable)

So right now I'm chilling on the couch in a pile of snuggy and pillow, watching all my disney movies in alphabetical order. This could last the entire weekend which is fine by me.

Disney partyCollapse )

Maybe later take a vhs break and watch Aladdin.

I'm distracting myself from musical fun times. TTYL

October giggles (or something)

Interviewed at Kohl's, didn't get the job, I'm not surprised because I didn't feel I had done the best.

Had a show today. Ran errands before hand, got there with lunch in a bag in time to start loading the trailer. Got to Vanderhoof, land of bounce-houses, and had fun setting up for the show and talking about random stuff. During the show is when everything gets interesting.

I tripped over a stand or something, turned myself enough so that the bird costume I was wearing didn't get damaged, instead I think I may have knocked some carts out of position, I know I nearly took the back curtain down. I hit my funny bone, and bruised my back. Several people came up to me to see if I was okay, I was okay enough that I could get up eventually I was more worried about what I might have bumped on the stage.

After the show I finally figured out that I had scraped a nice little oval of skin off my elbow. I've since had pain killers, I'm working on some chocolate therapy from Ben and Jerry's, and I'm also about to have some fun doing other stuff.

And I just now realized that the software I'd borrowed from the library is still in my glove box in the car. I'm not leaving it out there overnight, bad enough I left it in there for about eight hours.

edited at 12:20 on 10/7

I have also put neosporin on it. I'm embarassed more than anything else, and will probably be bruised tomorrow. I think I know what I'm going as for Halloween... Bella Swan, in all her klutziness.

Precious, sweet home

I had a mostly fun trip, there were a few points that were less than fun.

Learned that the next time I do a road trip to bring the phone charger. Poor phone died in the middle of Hershey day.

Going to bed and going to try for eight hours.